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Why choose SUCCESS + ?


Experience, Expertise, Knowledge, and Wisdom...





For years, parents, students, teachers, administrators, family, and friends have encouraged and prodded Sherry Andrews to share her wealth of information concerning college planning with the public.  She will open doors for each student she works alongside, and she will do so with concern, thoughtfulness, and honesty. 

What sets SUCCESS + above all others...

Sherry Andrews is an experienced (30+ years) school counselor, and she completely understands all aspects of  building an impressive high school transcript and resume, the college application process, scholarship search process, athletic recruitment and NCAA Clearinghouse process, as well as the financial aid process.


Sherry Andrews is an experienced parent who assisted both of her children with college acceptances to their top college choices to play a college sport, one in Division I Baseball and the other in Division III softball,  and both children received major academic scholarships. 


Additionally, Sherry is a former English teacher who completely understands essay writing for college acceptance and scholarship success.   She has proven that the essay is one of the most important features of the college/scholarship process, a difference maker, and she has tactics that will give your child the edge.


She is a former Speech and Debate teacher who can assist students with all types of interviews.  Check out her success rate with major scholarships (under the college tab); she is second to none.


Sherry Andrews provides up-to-date knowledge and guidance by maintaining exceptional professional relationships with current high school counselors and post secondary admission personnel.


Sherry Andrews is experienced with the specific planning process of high school course registration. Course selection is the key to building the foundation for college and scholarship success. 


Finally, for years, Sherry Andrews has worked with students struggling with college entrance exams such as the SAT and ACT, and her students have consistently improved their scores - many more than 200 points on SAT and many more than 8 points ACT.  

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