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SUCCESS+ with Mrs. Andrews guiding the way takes

the stress and worry out of college planning!



Mrs. Andrews keeps her student cliental at small numbers to ensure each student with whom

she works receives the very best in personal attention in the college planning process. 


Please phone Mrs. Andrews directly in order to set up your FREE 30 minute in person consultation at 919-478-9310


Or if you prefer, email Mrs. Andrews at:

Please provide the following information when leaving a phone message or sending an email:

  • Your Name

  • Phone number and the most convenient time to return your call

  • Student’s name

  • Current Grade

  • Current School

So, what do you need to do?

STEP ONE:  Call for FREE 30 Minute Consultation

STEP TWO:  Initial Consultation

  • Who attends:  parent, student, and consultant

  • What occurs:   Both the parent and the student will be interviewed to determine interests, strengths, financial thoughts, location, values, personality, and concerns.  Time will also be given to a brief discussion of the student’s skills, activities, academics, and goals.  If a student already has an idea of his/her colleges, then the consultant will want to have an understanding of why these colleges have been chosen.

  • In the end:  The consultant, along with the parent and student, will draw up a package that meets the student’s individual needs and will lead to successful college planning.

STEP THREE:  Begin the package! 

Simple and a priceless investment in your child’s future!

Sign up for your FREE 30 minute consultation today! 

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