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About : Sherry S. Andrews

Experience, Expertise, Knowledge, and Wisdom...

Sherry S. Andrews has served as a secondary educator for more than 30 years.  She first worked as a 7th and 8th grade Language Arts/Social Studies teacher; and from there, Mrs. Andrews moved to teaching high school English at all levels – college prep, honors, and advanced placement.  During these early years, Mrs. Andrews continued her love of learning while teaching by pursuing a masters in educational counseling.  Once she earned this degree in 1985, she moved to a counseling position, where she served for more than 24 years as the only school counselor for more than 500 students each year.  In 2009, Mrs. Andrews began serving as the Director of Student Services, where she worked with more than 1,500 students each year.  Education is her life; and her achievements are best defined by those of her students (Please read "Testimonials").


During her tenure as a high school counselor, Mrs. Andrews worked with students and their families beginning in middle school on preparing for the college selection and acceptance process.  She has been highly successful as evidenced by the number of students who have not only been accepted at major colleges and universities but the large number of students receiving prestigious scholarships such at the Morehead-Cain, Park, Gates Millennium, Bonner, Robertson, Poteat, and the list goes on and on.  (Please see COLLEGES Tab and number of scholarships earned are listed by schools.)  Mrs. Andrews believes in a college going culture, and students and parents depend on her expertise, as many goals and successes have been realized.


Two of the most important areas of the application and scholarship processes are the testing element and essay writing. Mrs. Andrews has taught SAT and ACT testing prep for more than 25 years with great success. Most of her students have increased their scores by 100 to 150 points, and some have realized a growth of 200 or more points.  She finds it most rewarding to see students surpass their testing goals.  Moreover, the essay is the secret to the application being well received by college admission officers, so her expertise in this area is most needed. She understands and knows what colleges/universities as well as scholarship organizations are seeking in students, so her guidance and wisdom is most valuable to students.  


In addition to being an expert at the college application and acceptance process and the scholarship search and completion process, Mrs. Andrews is well equipped to work with students who desire to play a college sport.  She has successfully assisted hundreds of students in their efforts to play at all collegiate levels – Division I, Division II, and Division III – of the NCAA.  As a matter of fact, both of her children not only attained academic scholarships to attend college, but both played a college sport.  Her son, Spencer, played baseball at High Point University a NCAA Division I school; and her daughter, Morgan, was highly recruited to play softball at numerous schools at all levels and she chose to attend Guilford College a NCAA Division III school on full academic scholarship.  Obviously, Mrs. Andrews understands the recruitment process, as well as maneuvering the NCAA Clearinghouse site.  Her experience and knowledge is immeasurable.


As previously mentioned, for the last several years, Mrs. Andrews has served as the director of a large student services program at one of the most prestigious high schools in North Carolina.  She has always focused on the whole child in assisting the student in planning for the future…..and she encourages families to begin the process in middle school, but assures parents that students can see positive results in college selection when beginning the process at the start of the junior year and even the senior year.   It is a process, no matter when started, that guidance and direction is needed and required.


Serving as a high school counselor and director for more than 30 years, Mrs. Andrews has established meaningful and mutually respected professional relationships with all North Carolina colleges and universities – public and private - and numerous out of state educational institutions of higher learning, as well as bounteous scholarship foundations and organizations nationally.  Mrs. Andrews is well-known and respected by all admission offices.  Most recently, at a large meeting among parents and community leaders, a highly respected Director of Admissions at the largest university in North Carolina, stated to the group – “When Sherry Andrews speaks, I listen.  We (college admission officers) all listen and so should you!”  Among college admission offices, Mrs. Andrews is well-regarded, valued, and most importantly, revered.   She is a force to be reckoned with, because she does everything in her power to assist students and their families feel confident that the student always puts his/her best foot forward in preparing for college and in completing the college process.


Mrs. Andrews has a Bachelor’s degree in English/History Education, as well as a Masters of Education in Counseling – all from North Carolina State University.  She is a member of several national and state counseling organizations, and she attends conferences and events as well as visits numerous colleges and universities yearly that keep her up-to-date on the newest trends in the college marketplace. She is dedicated to serving students and their families.  Sherry Andrews is the edge your child needs to make the difference into getting into one or all of their top college/university choices.  

About : Morgan G. Peterson


Experience, Expertise, Knowledge, and Wisdom...

Morgan G. Peterson is joining Success+!  Morgan is coming on board as an independent consultant for the academic year 2021-22.  Success+ is excited to add her energy and expertise!  

Mrs. Peterson is a graduate of Guilford College where she double majored in Secondary Education and English.  While at Guilford, Morgan played NCAA DIII Softball for the Quakers and was an integral part of building the program as a four year captain, Jack Jenson Ideal Student Athlete, and Nereus C. English Athletic Leadership Award recipient.  Not only did she excel on the diamond, Morgan was an excellent student, graduating with honors!  Mrs. Peterson student taught at Southeast Guilford High School, and after her student teaching she landed her first teaching job at the same school!  Mrs. Peterson has been at Southeast Guilford High School ever since.  2012/13 was her first year of teaching, and she has so enjoyed teaching all levels of 11th and 12th grade English (college prep, honors, and AP) through her tenure.  She is well-equipped to work with students in the college process as she understands the intricacies of essay and resume writing as well as the application process. Morgan is excited to make this move to Success+ where she can continue to assist and guide students on the path of success.

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