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Student College Success!

Please take the time to examine some colleges and universities that students have made the choice to attend under Mrs. Andrews' direct guidance.  The lists are separated alphabetically  by NC Public Colleges and Universities, NC Private Colleges and Universities, and Out of State Colleges and Universities with the tabs under the "Colleges" tab on the tool bar above.  Additionally, Mrs. Andrews is a master at assisting students with the scholarship process, both academically and athletically, as is evidenced by the fact that she has totalled over 50 million in scholarship monies for her students.  This means she has on average assisted her students as a group in acquiring almost 2 million dollars each year for college.  This fact alone is a phenomenal accoomplishment that is comparable to no one.  At some point in time, Mrs. Andrews has worked with almost all colleges and universities in the United States and some internationally.  She knows her job well; and most importantly, she has a passion for seeing each student be successful.  She is SUCCESS+, and she wants to share her knowledge, expertise, wisdom, and experience with you and your child making the college adventure stress-free and enjoyable!   It is a journey where the parent and child can grow in their relationship in many positive ways, which gives the parent confidence in the child as he/she prepares to enter  college.

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